Oaxaca – A treat for the tastebuds

A mere 10 hours.  Just an overnight bus ride away.  It may seem far but around here hopping on an overnight bus is about as common as going for a Sunday drive in… Continue reading

Getting Comfy

So the big question – where to live?  We like Chiapas.  We like Mexico City.  We teeter back and forth on where to setup our home base, or even if we need a… Continue reading

DF-Puebla Ping Pong

…adding upon layer and layers of exhaustion. As was to be expected, we hit the ground running.  On our first full day in Mexico we got down to business!!  Blue corn quesadillas.  These… Continue reading

First things first

I was super exhausted after the excessively busy pace of the previous several weeks had more than caught up with me,  but I managed to pry my eyes open as we flew into… Continue reading

How you know when it’s time to go…

When the snow is swirling in a bitter cold wind and the smile fades, it’s time to go. In December/January, I decided not to return to my employer after my scheduled leave of absence… Continue reading


Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a “reintegration weekend” as a final part of the  CUSO volunteering process.  I contemplating skipping it but am so happy I went.  It is… Continue reading

When in Lima, EAT!

…..and maybe walk around a bit to help the digestion. My better half was in charge of plotting our very brief Lima visit. As such, our entire stay revolved around where to eat… Continue reading

60 Hours in the Incan Capital – in pictures

Cusco receives 2 million visitors each year.  We were just a grain of sand (or kernel of corn) in that wave of tourism that has spiked as Peru has becomes an uber-trendy place… Continue reading

Parting Thoughts and Unanswered Questions

I’ve learned a thing or two in my time here in La Selva.  Just as I felt when leaving my placement in Thailand, I am certain I learned and gained more than I… Continue reading

Ode to Chazuta

My placement has come to an end.  Boo.  Weep.  Smile. And with that, 13 weeks after I first laid eyes on this little town tucked along the Huallaga River, I had to say… Continue reading