The murals of Guadalajara

What perhaps struck me most from our week in Guadalajara – yes, even more than the pozole – were the murals! Oh, the murals!!  Jose Clemente Orozco was one of Mexico’s most famous… Continue reading

A quick public service announcement – GDL Airport Transfer

This post will be completely uninteresting and irrelevant to all except for those traveling to Guadalajara on a budget.   We had a hard time finding information on how to get from the… Continue reading

Flavors of Jalisco

Between the four of us, we had a pretty hefty list of restaurants, botaneros, and specific dishes we wanted to try while in Guadalajara.  Some popular dishes in Jalisco include tortas ahogadas (smothered… Continue reading

Venturing Up North

When 2 of Mexico’s low cost carriers opened up a direct flight between Tuxtla and Guadalajara, some very attractive fares started popping up.  Looking for any ol’ excuse to start exploring Mexico and… Continue reading

A Fortnight in SanCris

In case you were wondering, time seems to fly just as quickly in Mexico as it did at home.  Time flies!  If you had asked me what I’ve been up to these past few… Continue reading

The time we got paid to stay at the Park Hyatt

We left our cozy cabaña late one afternoon and spent 24 nights away from home. We hunkered down for the night in all sorts of accommodations: 2 nights in airplanes 1 night in a 2nd class… Continue reading

Uruguay, Lessons Learned

  1. First Impressions Circle Back When we first rolled into Montevideo a few things were immediately apparent.  First, Montevideños seem to have a thing with insecurity.  When we first got into a… Continue reading

A mate ALL day keeps the doctor away

Having spent some time in Argentina and having met several Argentinians out and about in the world, I was aware of their national pastime – drinking mate.  However, Uruguayans have them beat on… Continue reading

Three Wishes

As our trip to Uruguay neared, Luis let me know he had three things he planned on doing while in Montevideo, apart from the beef and wine.  In order of least likely to… Continue reading

Eating through Uruguay….meh

One of the best parts of traveling to a new place is digging into their culinary secrets.  We were both looking forward to eating our way through Uruguay and had done our homework watching… Continue reading